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As conscious travelers and "learning lifestylers" our range of knowledge is abundant. Because of this, we have created unique and individualized programs to empower our followers, like you! We look for the ACTION TAKERS who understand that to achieve a true transformation it takes personal efforts. Every happy and successful person works for their happiness and know their efforts pay off exponentially. These individualized programs are created for you to feel that you are creating all the change in your life and we facilitate that transformation. By doing any of our programs, whether they are coaching or learning programs, this process empowers you to feel confident and accomplished because you are part of the process that makes your goals come true. 

Mindful Modern Nomad: For Coaches Getting Started

The Guiding Light Empowerment Program!

Empowerment Program Mindful Modern Nomads
Empowerment Travel Services Mindful Modern Nomads

Traveling for Transformation - Travel Planning

This program is designed as a combination of life coaching and travel planing methods. If you are trying to plan an authentic and conscious traveling experience but overwhelmed with the options and possibilities, we help coach you through the process of building an amazingly epic journey that is full of culture, wellness, giving back, and adventure! We specialize in Southeast Asia and Mexico tours but have a network of people we work with on every continent to help you. If you sign up for this program we will help you every step of the way from teaching travel hacks, arts and cultural immersion, helping choose volunteer opportunities, and building the full itinerary.   We promise the next time you plan a trip the process will be way less daunting and much more exciting. 


And, if this resonates with you so much that you are ready to make a change in your health and happiness and know this is the piece to the puzzle you have been looking for sign up for aFREE breakthrough call. We can discuss where you are and where you want to be and if I am the one that can help you get there. 

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 Learn how YOU can have an ABUNDANCE mindsetCONSISTENT clients, and believe that it is all possible while traveling the world. Mindful Modern Nomads is a commUNITY for healing service-based guides and facilitators ready to create positive change in the WORLD.


Empowerment Services Mindful Modern Nomads

The Empowered Butterfly

This program is perfect if you are looking to heal physically or emotional old/chronic trauma in your life. 

Through different modalities of coaching and healing practices, I create an individualized online program set for you. Our first Skype session will determine what the focus of our sessions will be. I will build a schedule of Skype sessions, individualized checklist, workbook, and give links and guides through your personalized  empowerment journey. With the coaching you will develop tools for healing in life and growing in business, most importantly, an assured self confidence and strength to achieve any dream.

I am here to be your guide, to honor your journey and to be a witness to your glorious shifting and transformation.  

Through an 8wk Program personalized for your need we will set you up for a successful healthy and happy life!


Empowerment Services for Learning Mindful Modern Nomads

The Vicarious Learner

Sponsor a class on our journey. We travel often, but we are slow travelers and will pretty much take any class if it were free. Because we are students for life this makes us really good at both studying, intaking info, and teaching it! Each sponsorship includes: notes, videos, Q&A with teachers, and at least one private Skype conference to ensure total satisfaction and learning remotely. If you haven't seen a class done well remotely, well maybe it wasn't personalized enough for you. Contact us to learn more!


Brook Woolf is an empowerment coach who helps service-based workers achieve a location-independent lifestyle through the power of mindset and strategic online business development. She also runs an annual course in Thailand on Emotional Body Mapping for facilitators to learn a new tool to facilitate wellness and healing. She is a true jill of all trades. She founded a three-story nonprofit art center at 22 years of age, promoting constant learning and in doing so she is consistently enrolling herself in new skills. She is certified in Massage Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Thai Massage, B.F.A., coaching as well as studied Chinese nutrition and holistic wellness. 

Empowerment Services Mindful Modern Nomads

The Ferocious Transformation

InHOUSE Retreats... 

Ever went on a retreat, had a transformational moment but when you returned home you just went right back into the same toxic routine? This program is designed to create a program at home that can foster daily healing and self exploration.  

 Our program includes but is not limited to: martial arts, meditation, emotional body mapping*, yoga, massage(most modalities), Ayurvedic and Chinese nutrition and physical therapy exercises. We teach you how to "find the time" and "make the space" for your own transformational healing in your everyday life. There is always time and space, but sometimes it takes a fabulous cheerleader and an intelligent objective witness to give you that jumpstart you need and deserve

Bring the retreat to your home! We can either stay with you in your home or stay close by, either way you will see us everyday. This is definitely for the person who is ready for a serious life makeover. We fly to you and will stay from a weekend to two weeks at a time.  Remember you are worth it. 

Free email consultation, Skype and phone session with this package.

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