Adventuring New Caledonia: 5 Things You Should Not Miss

Adventuring New Caledonia: 5 Things You Should Not Miss

ECO and Environmental Travel for the Digital Nomad. 

Mind. Body. Soul: the three core elements that are inextricably intertwined with one another in creating. You are only able to shine in their brightest form when blessed with the experience of travel. From travel comes self-actualization, an unquenchable thirst for life, love, and a fiery passion for peace and lifelong mindfulness of all things nature has graced the world with.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself”
— Danny Kaye

To know yourself is to experience the unknown, to experience the unknown is to venture beyond the wall of conformity and comfort into the never-ending landscape of possibilities. To live a meaningful life is to find your place under the stars and in your own heart.

To those who have experienced travel beyond the common and the known, it becomes a drug, opium in which you lose yourself and relinquish your mind and soul to mother Earth, letting her guide you down the path of self-actualization and purpose.

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit”
— Frank Borman
New Caledonia Digital Nomad Eco Travel

Finding your purpose and your role in the destiny that is not only yours, but that of all humankind is not an easy task. Yet, there are few things in life that can awaken your senses and penetrate your soul like a distant horizon vanishing beyond what your gaze can reach. And it all begins with a single step, your first destination. Here are the five things in the magical land of New Caledonia that will change you from

Horseback-Riding Along the Coast of Karikate

Horses are ancient and magnificent creatures that deserve the utmost respect from humans, and New Caledonia is one of the rare places in the world where animals are not being abused, a place where horses are nurtured and revered for their strength, beauty, and health. A horse, much like any animal, is a sacred being living in the Earth’s embrace. If you ever do witness animal cruelty, you should respond to it with fiery force, yet if you are looking for a truly unique experience when visiting New Caledonia, there is no better place to experience the raw power and breathing pattern of this magnificent creature that will imbue your mind and soul with peace, and strength.

There are few moments in life as serene and profound as listening to the subtle crashing of the waves while feeling the light and almost silent stride of your steed beneath your legs. Empowering, cathartic.

Skydiving in Noumea

To willingly relinquish yourself to gravity without fear is to truly fathom the intricacy and fragility of life. Life, however fleeting, will in an instant gain its purpose, and while soaring through the air you will have gained clarity of the mind, and realised just how much you want to live and make your life on this Earth of ours meaningful.

“I started skydiving because I loved the idea of freedom” - Felix Baumgartner

The centre of the New Caledonian archipelago, the capital of Noumea, hosts a myriad of exciting and unique activities that are bound to make your body and your soul shudder, and skydiving is one of them.
For those of you who have never jumped out of an airplane before, it is utterly petrifying and
bewilderingly exciting. The adrenaline rush you feel is nothing short of a pure revelation and as you dive through the air while beholding what seems to be the edge of the Earth itself, you will feel truly alive.

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Adventure in New Caledonia Digital Nomad Life

Visit the Piscine Naturelle

In this breathtaking South Pacific archipelago lies the magnificent Isle of Pines just off the eastern coast of New Caledonia. The isle is a true haven for nature lovers and travellers looking to imbue themselves with peace, serenity and discover the path to their true self. If there has ever been a place within the physical realm where you can find your purpose, this is it.

On the north-eastern side of this tiny island lays a Piscine Naturelle, or Natural Pool, a unique natural creation that is nothing short of a paradise on earth, as the clear blue waters of the pool play harmoniously with the surrounding pine tree line, creating a beautiful inland oasis. The smell of nature coupled with the calm, warm water of the pool is a perfect place to inspire creativity, contemplation and of course, mindful meditation.

The Isle of Pines is also host to numerous other natural wonders, and you can rest your body and soul in one of its spectacular golden beaches or explore the bountiful micro archipelago on the southern coast of the island. Many of these secluded natural oases are easily reachable if you’re an adept swimmer, otherwise, you can paddle your way to your own piece of heaven on a raft or a small boat.

Canyoning in the Wilderness

Adventure is the liberator of the soul, and if you couple your thirst for adventure with the tranquil
essence of nature, you will not only experience it in its rawest form, but you will also reconnect with your long-lost roots. And your roots run deeper than you could have ever imagined.
Humankind has long forgotten from where it came from and of its inextricable bond with nature, yet few mindful individuals are acting upon the call they sense within. The call to return to and spend time in the wilderness.

This is your chance to traverse nature untouched, skipping through canyons and gorges, climbing rocks and making your way through the mountainous regions of the main island, challenging your body, cleansing your mind, enriching your soul with unique memories from the space of which you came.

New Caledonia Digital Nomad Travel

New Caledonia:

This is your chance to traverse nature untouched, skipping through canyons and gorges, climbing rocks and making your way through the mountainous regions of the main island, challenging your body, cleansing your mind, enriching your soul with unique memories from the space of which you came.

Monkey around in the forests of Noumea

Being silly is not only fun, it allows you to get in touch with your inner child and bring it to the surface, letting it take you on an adventure your adult self wouldn’t dare conceive. There is hardly a better way to take a step back into your childhood and speak to your young self than to provide the perfect setting for the kid in you to come to life on its own.

In Noumea, a tree to tree adventure tour high above the rainforest floor will have you experience a bird’s eye view of the surrounding tree line and the vivid animal life that dwells in its embrace. This is the perfect place to observe flying foxes, birds and various other critters while zip-lining and walking on ropes from tree to tree.

What’s more, this one is also an empowering experience. If you have previously fretted about heights or if you have lacked physical balance and stability, this adventure will also serve as a wonderful workout session aimed at keeping your body healthy, strong and vibrant.

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It’s not easy finding your place under the stars, and your purpose in the universe. That is usually a
lifelong journey of self-discovery, trial and error, knowledge, and unity. No traveler or spiritual nomad will ever tell you they have found their true home, for the world is theirs to discover and life is too short to be caged in a single place. Follow your instincts, dare to live, to truly live through travel and adventure, and one day soon you will have found the purpose you were always searching.


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