Indigo Warrior 


A Brief History


Hello, my name is Brook and my beautiful sweet fox’s name is Ramon. Sometimes, you live a path so well you don’t realize you are even on one! For Ramon and I, it was that we are lifelong learners. We want to take this learning lifestyle to the next step, level, the ultimate journey.  A journey around the world, learning what we can as we go, using our interests and our abilities to lead us. So to understand us a bit more I have separated our skills into past, present, and near future learnings.  If you want to know who does what, email us! We live in an effort to be egoless learners and sometimes humble helpers facilitating and empowering others!


Past Learnings… 

  • Having fun in four art schools with five different majors of art(Painting, Fashion Design, Printmaking, Textiles, Photography) Ended up with a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing
  • Playing around with Piano, Drums, Ukulele, Banjolele, Dj’ing, radio, singing, musical saws and other odd instruments
  • Chicago studied Massage therapy, L.M.T. and 2000 more hours of thai,shiatsu massage training traveling in Thailand.
  • 10 years of practicing multiple martial arts, Muay Thai Boxing, Wu shu, Brazilian Ju jitsu, Sanda
  • Sivananda Yoga training, Ayurvedic nutrition, Aromatherapy, Chinese massage and nutrition
  • Nonprofit Management (former founder/executive director of a nonprofit arts center in the West side of Chicago)
  • Baha’i study of many religions, tarot, meditation, and other spiritual practices.
  • Natural Dye textiles and fashion line to promote intentional lifestyles.
  • Lived for 6 months or more: Puerto Rico, Chicago ( most recent* 10 years), San Francisco, Paris(France), Miami, Chiang Mai(Thailand), Oakland, Berkeley.

Present Learnings… 

  • Building a tiny home
  • Yurt life
  • How to be a good aunt/uncle, dog and cat parent.
  • All things gardening, pickling, canning, preserving.
  • Blogging (this is a first!)
  • Spanish
  • Yoga, and martial arts.
  • Credit card miles and how to use them to travel
  • Travel hacks
  • Building lots of stuff!!!
  • How to live in a cooperative with family as an adult
  • Southern California … San Diego County, farm country.

Near future learnings (1-3 years)… 

  • Travel to Southeast Asia and learn martial arts and massage therapy
  • Be able to work with craftspeople from all over our travels, learn their trades,
  • AND learn how to help aid in the maintaining of their crafts.
  • To be bilingual in Spanish, gah I want this one badly!!
  • Learn to be successful with passive income through blogging and online services
  • How to create interesting and well designed classes online
  • How to travel and make money just learning skills and sharing them with the world.
  • Thailand, Bay Area of California, San Miguel De Allende, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan… and who knows,some treehouse somewhere.


For any questions about the above, just contact us! Even if you want to learn something and want to sponsor us to learn and write about it! Let’s talk, who knows. If it is something we like, we may just want be inclined to say yes:)

Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Brook and Ramon