Ready to be inspired by scenic Northern Thailand mountains and lakes , your community, and re-fall in love with your personal gifts and skills?


5day FREE Email Course


This 5day FREE email course helps you set aside your scarcity mindset to focus on your true passions! Within 5 days you will have a life/travel Mission statement, choose a career path, build a healthy routine, and create healthier habits to jumpstart you toward succeeding in your dream freedom lifestyle career. Start your transformation now!

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All people interested in this course are given a FREE breakthrough session/clarity call before coming!

Emotional Body Mapping 8Day/7 Night Immersion

December 3-10th OM WATERS, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Want to let go of your fear and step into what you are CAPABLE of MANIFESTING?  

Ready to RELEASE you personal BLOCKAGES and LEARN a new skill for YOUR WELLNESS PROFESSION? 

“I write this testimonial in support of Brook Woolf as a Therapist and Life Advisor. I have a firsthand experience to her work both as a client and a physician. Her work is comprehensive, incisive and effective. She addresses all facets of ones life as it relates to mind, body and perspective. Brook will focus on the tangible and intangible variables in life and guide you to a better place as a whole individual. She pierces the veil we all have in convention in a direct yet subtle way. Her manner is unique and a revelation. I have recommended many patients to her which have hit the wall, so to speak, of conventional Therapy. I endorse her without any reservations.”

— — John Leventis MD MSc MB ChB Registered, General Medical Council, London U.K. Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine Medical Director, UPN


Learning this technique will deepen your practice, lessen your physical exertion and workload,  and allow you to build your clientele tenfold.

When I started this practice I received 50 clients in one month! I know you can do it too!

Sick of seeing your clients come in with the same physical symptoms and not get any better? They don't do the physical exercises that serve them and you know the issue is deeper than just physically.

It's time to reinvestigate the blockage.

Majority of physical ailments are caused by emotional blockages and if you are not addressing both parts of your client you are missing a huge component that serves both you and your client.

Imagine doing way less physical work/none necessary and getting twice the amount of results at a exponentially faster time. 

Imagine clearing your own physical traumas and hiccups using the same techniques!

That is where emotional body mapping is imperative to learn and use. As a bodyworker, it is important not to overwork your body. It also is ideal to find a deep connection to our intuition in this practice as it allows less work and more "tuning in" to the needs our clients. 

Let your hands live a long time and your spirit be abundant.

There is no need to feel drained ever!

You cannot fix anyone.

You can only inspire your clients to heal themselves. So, be the inspiration!

When you implement this work you will be able to peel away years of build-up in weeks' time. It is amazing to be a witness to transformations- that is part of the reason most of us chose our practice in the first place!

If you believe that physical pains hold emotional trauma then this course is for you. Get connected and have the map to guide you through your clients and you own emotions and physical pains.

Delve deep into the realms of your personal practice. Connect to the nervous system, memory based triggers, and learn how to channel and release old blockages for your clients and yourself. This program you will not only grow as a facilitator but you will be surrounded by a gifted community of like-minded inspiration. 

Questions or comments, just set up a live chat with Brook, the course instructor now. 


Become a Rockstar Facilitator This Winter

Book Your Space in OM Waters, Chiang Mai, Thailand Now!  


Get connected to your practice through a new way of thought and feeling.

What you get from the course... 

Learn how to clear longterm blockages for your clients. Create a deeper vision and purpose for your practice. Forgive and let go of the baggage that is holding you back as a facilitator! 

Connect to your BODY in ways you never have before. 

Understand how memories and emotions get stuck and triggered in the body through the nervous system. Learn about ancestral behaviors and how they build patterns. 

Practice the basic principles of Emotional Body Mapping and learn how to implement them into any practice. 

Tai Chi, Yoga, Pranayama/Breath-work exercises, TRE*(trauma release exercises) and morning chanting while enjoying an open air sleeping arrangement on a floating island in the mountains of Northern Thailand. 

Learn Meditations for all forms of emotional body release, walking grounding techniques, sound and voice clearing techniques, and channeling.  It is a full mind, body, and spiritual transformation.

In short...

a whole lotta learnin', journaling, Emotional Body Mapping Book, and access to a growing community of like-minded facilitators to chat with for the rest of your life. 


I have seen people who could not lift their arms walk out of the room after two or three sessions lifting their arms over their head effortlessly.

5day FREE Email Course


This 5day FREE email course helps you set aside your scarcity mindset to focus on your true passions! Within 5 days you will have a life/travel Mission statement, choose a career path, build a healthy routine, and create healthier habits to jumpstart you toward succeeding in your dream freedom lifestyle career. Start your transformation now!

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I have seen people who were in and out of doctors and taking 8 pain pills a day stop after our first session.

It wasn't my massage. It wasn't any physical exercise I gave them or the nutrition.

It was connecting their emotional body to their nervous system and allowing them to do the powerful release that was necessary for the transformation.

This is what I want to teach you in December! 
And while you learn it, of course, you will receive it as well.

If you have more questions, comments or you are ready to REGISTER TODAY, set up your FREE BREAKTHROUGH.

REMEMBER, you hold the power to change your life and it can be easy if you ask for help now.

If this resonates with you, schedule your FREE breakthrough session now!

I guarantee that this call will change your life. 


I met Brook in a community kitchen of a healing circle. I instantly recognized her confidence and ease and knew she would be the key to something big in my life. My intuition was spot on.
Brook was easy to connect to and share about the blocks that have kept me out of the abundant and joyful life that I fully dreamed of. She is compassionate, wise, and full of raw real-ness. She showed me that I have always had access to my worth, power, and authenticity; I just needed to step into it fully. I truly believe I met her at a pivotal time in my life, where this nudge of hiring a business / life coach was key.
I now feel as though I am living in my heaven. I feel confident in my gifts and abilities and have successfully created my own online platform for generating energetic exchange, healing, and transformation to share with others. I am eternally grateful.
— Julie Brannen, Movement Therapist/Coach
Words simply do not do justice when it comes to describing Brook’s healing abilities! Her ability to read your life is mind-blowing on the level of a legitimate psychic! She’s able to identify and pinpoint your blockage from a physical, emotional, and energetic level and pluck it out from the root! Her compassion and empathy also connect you with your True Self, and before you know it you have found yourself receiving counseling from an old friend who has been in your life for years! An experience with her is truly Wholistic in every sense of the word. You will instantly feel the difference, the relief you get is so powerful you gain a new Awareness of yourself! You leave a different person, beyond the physical relief you never knew existed, you also come out with more knowledge of yourself, it’s a school of life! Multiple sessions become an academy of learning and healing. Well worth the money!

— — Geoff King Luk - Musician
Brook has the ability to intuitively support your physical and emotional expansion through a unique blend of modalites. Over the months I have been her client she has patiently learned about my lifestyle, habits, and goals to craft individualized holistic healing sessions. I always leave our sessions feeling energized and empowered with meaningful advice, exercises, spiritual homework, and supplements to support my overall wellbeing. I feel blessed to have encountered Brook and her unique skills. She emanates a natural healing quality that isn’t all new aged fluff but genuine and powerful. I highly recommend you book a free breakthrough session and experience it for yourself!
— -Nikki, Chicago